The best gift anyone could bring me right now is sex. 


lovely lesbians

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Anonymous asked:
What is your personal

I just answered this two asks ago.

astoldbygingerr asked:
Hey so I just started a lesbian blog and I am there to give advice and answer any questions and I was wondering if you could give me a shout out or promo to let people know about it since your blog is amazing! The blog I'm asking from is my personal but my lesbian blog lesbiansloveandmoree. tumblr. com. Thank you so much and if you can't or you don't do promos I totally understand. Thank you!

Go follow her lesbo blog and get more gay in your system and ask all the gay questions you could possibly need to ask!

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If I come off anon will you follow me? What's your personal URL?

I’ll check out your blog if you come off anon and if I like it I’ll follow you. Chances are that I’m already following you. I go through my followers every now and then and follow blogs I like. My personal is intheendihopeimright.

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Nothing better than looking up at my girls face while she’s on mine.

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My For All The Days. (pink shirt) (blue jacket)