Anonymous asked:
Do you have any people from Maryland/ DC area?

So far only a few people said where they’re from but I do have one Maryland.

Anonymous asked:
How many people have submitted in so far?

I’m at 28 right now.

zoeyhooey asked:
Can I send in to just make friends? Hahah..

Yes of course! You’re not forced to be together if I send you each others names. Just talk to the person and you might decide to just be friends.


Have all of your messages in by Tuesday night and then I’ll start giving you all answers.

Anonymous asked:
Do we just send the message through ask?

Yes. Enough for me to be able to match you with someone. The more the better.

Anonymous asked:
I think the matchmaking thing is an awesome idea!

Thank you! I’m gonna try my best. A lot of people messaged me so I have a lot of work to do.

Everyone keep sending your messages.

I should get back to most of you by tomorrow.

Also don’t think you’re being ignored if you don’t get a message back right away. It might take a while at first because I’m not going to match you up when only a few people messaged me at the moment. But don’t worry I’ll do my best to match you with someone.

Attention all girls looking for other girls that can’t seem to find any.

I know it can be really hard as a gay person to find other gay people to talk to and get to know. So I want to try something here and see if I can help find you someone. Message me about yourself. Your interests and whatever else and I’ll put you together with someone else that I think will be good for you to talk to. I’ll message you both each other’s usernames and you can talk.

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